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tv   Right This Minute  ABC  October 10, 2016 1:30am-2:00am MDT

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fresh viral videos "right this minute." >> crews are stunned when they pull up a bundle in a public restroom. >> that is a newborn baby. >> see the heart pounding race to unwrap the infant as everyone waits to hear this. [ baby crying ] >> oh, man. >> it was the leap of a lifetime. >> did you miss something? >> what this skier lost that he found three years later. as break ins go, this one didn't work. >> it's stupid. >> see the elaborate plan that got thieves oh so close. and the world's worst roommate. what happens when the sneak attacks get ramped up big-time. >> oh, no. this is an incredibly
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tajikistan from a toilet there to be specific. now, there is something wrapped up in a bundle that someone has thrown into the toilet. so these people are really going after it. they are using poles, long sticks, to retrieve this package. now, they're working arduously to get this package out. they really want what's inside, and you see that right about here. they actually managed to pull it out. >> remarkably clean. >> right, i >> coming from where you told us it was. >> well, prepare yourself to be incredibly shocked. [ baby crying ] >> that baby was carefully wrapped up. that child had to be put there on purpose. >> that is a newborn baby that had been dropped into this toilet. you notice that there was tape around the baby's mouth. >> a bag over the kid's head. >> it wasn't until they ripped
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start crying. [ baby crying ] >> why would the mom feel like this was her only choice? there are so many people. >> the thing is we don't know any details of it. it really is heartbreaking. there is no justification. it's difficult to watch. but at the same time, it is incredible that these people acted so quickly, and they saved this life. and now it has a chance at life. this happened in the denmark straits between iceland and greenland. all these people got to witness something really cool. a photographer was on one of those tour booats in may of thi year when this happened. apparently waves, winds, and rising temperatures affect these
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during the summer season. so this is what happened. basically their skin peels because they've been out in the sun or, in this case, global warming. >> pour a little whiskey over the top of it. >> think about it, though, nick. this iceberg is kind of like those little itty-bitty ice cubes that don't last long in the drink. >> ice chips. >> because this one is about to be a little chip. as you can see, this thing is collapsing. >> oh! >> and then it that's all that's left. >> it looked like shaved ice. >> they just need to pour a little syrup on it. >> it's all food with you guys. all the planning in the world couldn't make this one go down without a hitch.
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bank in uruguay. the guys making their way in go to the safe. wouldn't you know t the saves at the bank are locked. >> no! >> they are locked. >> code? >> don't have a code. >> combination. it must be written down in a book somewhere. >> they have none of those things. you may look at this video and say what a bumbling group of bank robbers. ha, what a bunch of dummies, but no. you'd be wrong, because they aren't that stupid. in fact, like i said at the beginning, ty' this heist for about a year. for seven months, they were in the neighboring building, working very diligently, digging a tunnel. >> wow. >> a 98-foot tunnel, five feet high, to get underneath the bank. that's how they got in, planning. digging, working, except they didn't think about how they would get into the safe once they were in the building.
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and then like, wait. >> step ten. forgot to plan step ten. >> seven months. >> think about all of the things they could have been doing with their time, like actually going to work and getting a job. you build a tunnel and can't get in. it's stupid. >> and the money. because not only did they work very hard to dig this tunnel, they spent hundreds of dollars a month to rent the space next door. they invested zero return. >> they should have just invested their money in the bank. >> thank you. >> so far police have released the mug shots of three of the five members suspected in this heist. they believe the ringleader is known as el dopo, or the mole. >> that is so sinister.
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>> hey, you ready? look. >> we're at a barber shop in florida. >> what does it say? go see. >> you hear the fellas in the shop encouraging dev to head over to the wall. there's a little surprise there for him. >> what does it say? >> employee of the month. >> you see as he realizes what the award is, he just lights >> is that you? >> i'm glad you liked it, bro. >> man hugs, big smiles. there it is. high fives all around. >> employee of the month, everyone. >> good job. >> devin is a family friend but also a paid employees. he comes in on weekends and helps clean and sweep around the shop. he's also a kind hearted, outgoing individual, and they thought it would be a very nice gesture to let him know just how appreciated he is. >> employee of the month, huh?
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>> you're awesome, you know that, bro? >> is that you? >> congratulations, bro. >> thanks. >> good job. >> employee of the month, everyone. >> this clip was first posted to the barbershop's facebook page and it's gotten a ton of shares and views because it's simply heartwarming. they've made our day as well. with so many things happening on social media, it's on and see something nice. >> what does it say? employee of the month. you got employee of the month, man. you did a good job. a road rager is swarmed by people. >> trying to stop the chaos. >> but see what he pulled that made them scatter. >> boom! plus -- ?
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were graded from one to ten, this is a chuck norris. it happened in turkey, and it is just full-on crazy. >> oh, no! >> oh! >> you see complete chaos as this car just bang, bang, smashes its way down the street before eventually getting caught up here at the end. everybody around, pretty angry at what's going on. they're trying to get closer, but then, he everybody gets out of the way. into another car. this is where people swarm from left and right, trying to get these doors open, trying to stop the chaos as they try to tear this driver out of the vehicle. when it seems they got the upper hand, people suddenly start running, opening up an area around this car. >> they're scattering. it's almost like there's an explosive in there. >> i had exactly the same thought. remember, this is in turkey and they have been having a number of bombings as well. eventually the driver gets out,
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i'd almost call it a sword. in fact, there are pictures. you can get a good look at what he had in his hand right there. >> nobody is getting close to him with that. >> it looks like a mass evacuation. >> all this started, right, over an accident that happened just before this video started rolling. now the guy in this car decided not to stap and try to get away. people got involved and that's where the video picks up. he banged into 18 he's a newly released prisoner. when police turned up, he made his escape on foot, and he is now a fugitive. >> he is a very dangerous person, and he's still out on the streets. that's not good for anyone. >> sounds like he could use a few more anger management classes. >> sounds like he could use a few more months or years in prison actually. let's do it.
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just watch this little artist, the compassion, the emotion. ? ? >> i mean come on. this >> i feel like most of us sing like that when we sing a song. when it gets to the chorus, you really jam out. >> this is everybody in their car when they think nobody is listening. ? >> that one word, she's got it
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>> good job. >> this one in this next video, we may need a little translation, especially people that speak baby talk. yet they seem so verbal. it's like they're discussing geopolitics. >> we may not understand, but they clearly seem to understand what they're talking about. [ baby talk ] it may seem a little early, but it's the time of year when we start to see some snow videos. now, this one is back from 2013, and i know everybody is like, hey, man, this show is all about right this minute. why are you showing videos three years old? check this guy out. >> woo-hoo! >> wow.
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jump into back country at big sky resort in montana. his bros are stoked behind the camera. did you see something? let's watch it again in slow motion. here he comes. watch close. >> did he lose a ski? >> gopro camera or something like that? >> remember. way back, i said 2013 this was. >> this is the same s snow, meaning no snow. >> axel, what did we find in. >> someone found my gopro. >> no way! >> axel found his camera. how cool would it be if it still worked. not only did it still worked, it still had the footage. >> now, watch this. >> it's worth getting the shot. >> oh!
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>> three years. michael is a little down. michael, he's in a little bit of denial over his buddy, you know, suffering from depression. he's like, no, no, no, no. there's no such thing. >> hear his hilarious rant. >> weren't you a bit depressed. >> i was never depressed. it was >> and a mess in the house means somebody's in hiding. see if the guilty dog will finally fess up. ways to manage my symptoms. sr i thought i had it covered. then i realized managing was all i was doing. when i finally told my doctor, he said humira was for people like me who have tried other medications,... but still experience the symptoms of moderate to severe crohn's disease. in clinical studies, the majority of patients on humira
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michael, i fear your friend was in the hospital. >> he was. he was. it's sad. michael's a little down. i'll drop the irish accident. >> more than a bit tired. >> no, new york. he's under the weather. >> i think he's depressed. >> no. they're no depression in michael. >> no. >> who is he, and why is he screaming like that? >> he's in a little bit of denial over his buddy who is, you know, suffering through depression. he's like, no, no, no. there's no such thing. >> he just suffers from the nerves is all. >> it's okay to feel a little down. it's okay to be depressed. >> weren't you a bit depressed? >> i was never depressed. it was just the nerves. >> then she asks, hang on, michael. weren't you at one point down? >> weren't you depressed?
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it was just the nerves. >> michael is actually steve oh timothy. this video got a lot of attention. over 100,000 views, people just very entertained. but this is actually a character that he plays called farmer michael. basically he's just kind of poking fun at the older generation of the irish who see things a certain way. they speak a certain way, and t. >> that's old school across the word. >> he's also a stand-up comedian. he's done a bunch of other viral videos in ireland. >> it's just the nerves. >> i also find it amusing he's using a satirical way to raise awareness about health. >> there's actually something good about this. >> don't worry. he's okay. michael is okay. ? now i've got the welcome home gift. there he is with his luggage.
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>> it's not a human baby. apparently he lost his -- he doesn't even move. >> wow, he's having a glitch right now. >> unplug and plug him back in. >> he just melts. you see his heart is full again. look at his face. >> keeping secrets from me. >> that little doggy face is so cute. >> i can tell that's going to be one lucky dog. >> i come home, and i mess on the floor yet again. >> there you see cotton balls with no polish on them, so it looks like somebody was removing their nail polish. >> so the dog was just doing his nails. is that what you're saying? >> look at his face. >> that's guilt. that's guilt. >> he's confused. >> come over here. come inside. >> nope. that depends. am i in trouble, or am i cute right now?
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come over here. >> oh, he makes his way over, but not all the way. >> they're so smart, these stinken dogs. they know. >> it was the cat. >> that's like when -- >> he is in legit hiding. what are the chances you're just going to let me go now? >> why are you hiding? >> because you're going to kill me! >> what is this? >> freakin' dogs, man. >> nobody can stay mad at this face. talk about a bad roommate. >> no! >> it gets worse. >> no! >> see the tricks that could
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to make a chocolate chocolate and chill it. helps around the house. ? >> have you guys ever been unfortunate enough to have a really bad roommate? >> right. okay. >> i've been lucky. >> well, our buddy, jaden here
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>> [ bleep ]. >> oh! >> that's just the beginning. this is a compilation of jaden's life living with jackson. >> how cheap is the rent? >> not cheap enough. >> no! >> after every horrible clip of video, you just hear jackson losing his mind with laughter. >> it's so wrong. he must be in on it. >> a lot of people were commenting it was set up, he planned this, but he's still getting hid on the head with the plate. >> wait. wait, there's something on your face. >> what are you doing? >> there's something on your face. >> it's just a caterpillar. oh, wait, those are your eyebrows. >> at least they were.
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>> i know, your mouths are dropped open already. oh, it gets worse. >> oh, no. don't do that to somebody. >> poor guy. i think he's going to need to be treated for ptsd after all this. thanks for watching. right this has so
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it's an all new show today, "right this minute." cameras inside a church show a woman who carries a baby outside. >> and does the sign of the cross three times. >> what happens after she gives thanks for a child who's being kidnapped. duncan loves to play like most pups. >> but in one way, he is very special. >> the medical condition that means he needs a little help at chow time. on mulholland snake. >> fun to ride but it can fight back. and a bizarre onion crying beauty contest to see -- now take a look at the fierce competition as we put it to the test to bring on the tears. the video i'm about to show you is absolutely terrifying,


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